Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Loooong Overdue Post

I am apparently very bad at blogging this go round.

However not too much is new since my last post, which is kind-of the way this adoption thing works.  Slow, slow, slow...then all of the sudden fast!  Paul and I did accomplish getting a preliminary approval to bring Violet MinJee into the US.  And I must say it was the most efficient US Government Office visit in the history of our country.  Our biometrics appointment (aka-fingerprints) was scheduled for noon, we walked into the building at 11:55 and walked out at 12:03!  The nice gentleman at the front counter said they better slow things down or they are going to give people the wrong impression.  Cute!

But mostly we wait  And to be honest, just when Paul and I were getting hopeful that Violet would be home a little earlier than originally expected, the Korean Foreign Ministry kicked us right back to reality today.  They announced that they will be moving their office to a new town that is 2 hours away from their current location in Seoul.  And the Ministry will undergo staffing changes in the process.  A setback of at least a month or two.  But being the glass 1/2 full kind-of gal I am, maybe the staffing change will be a good thing?  Maybe they will get someone(s) in there that will take charge and get these waiting children home?  Doubtful, but a mother can hope.

Jae and Violet's Mom

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