Friday, January 24, 2014

EPs of 2014

Indirect exciting news today:  The first group EPs (Emigration Permissions...AKA Exit Visa) of 2014 were submitted for approval in Korea.  Last year the first batch wasn't submitted until May, so this is a huge improvement!

In layman's terms:  Violet is basically in line to get a government issued document to leave Korea and come to America.  Right now the kids that are in the front of the line are one that were referred and accepted to their family back in Dec 2012 and Jan 1013.  We accepted Violet's referral in August 2013 so we are a few months down the line.  But the fact the Korean Ministry started right back up in the new year with EPs is a great sign.  Hopefully the wait to travel really did peak at 17/18 month and is coming down. I sure hope so because the idea that we wouldn't travel until 2015 is inconceivable.

Jae and Violet's Mom

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5 Months and Counting

Apparently I am not very good at blogging this second go around.  Last time, it was just Paul and I at home in the evening so there was plenty of time to share my thoughts and progress with Jae's adoption.  Well, now it is obvious what takes up my time...Mr. Jae.

Five months ago today our acceptance of Violet's referral went to Korea.  Crazy that it has already been 5 month since acceptance and over 9 months since we first saw her picture.  As each day in 2014 passes, I am more and more convinced that Violet will not be home for her 2nd birthday.  Which breaks my heart.  Violet is 18 months right now, which was the age Jae was when we brought him home. 

But, we are starting to get ready for her arrival, even though it may be months away.  I did some serious clothes shopping this past week.  Lots of ruffles, bows, pink and purple now fill her dresser drawers.  Plus I purchased some outfits to send to her right now.  I live for sending those precious care packages to Korea.  I bet I have enough stuff up in Violet's room to fill at least 4 more 1 gallon zip lock bags (the max we can send at one time).  Dolls, clothes, hair bows, photo books, regular toddler books, blocks, etc.

There really isn't much else to report.  Paul and I are headed back to the Steele County Detention Center this week to update our fingerprints.  Our Adam Walsh background check expires after one year, and since we are months away from getting Violet, we are required to have it re-run.  Hence the need for new fingerprints.  Otherwise we still just wait.  There are families that accepted referrals in Dec 2012 that are still waiting for the travel call.  We accepted in August 2013 so no telling how much longer.

The one good piece of news today was new pictures!  She is getting big!  And the littlest Herzog has started a career in modeling.  Apparently she is the face of February for our Korean agency's 2014 calendar...which is adorable!

And here she is holding one of our care packages.  If you look at my previous blog, you will recognize the items in her hand as well as the ones that are off to her left.  Love.  Love.  Love.

Jae and Violet's Mom