Monday, January 31, 2011

I-600 not I-800

This morning our social worker called to clarify what actions need to take place to clear up the "Request for Evidence" form we received from the US Customs and Immigrations Services office.  Without confusing the heck out of everyone, there are two different group of countries that you can adopt from.  Hague countries and non-Hague countries.  Korea is a non-Hague country which means we file a I600.  The Customs and Immigrations office looked at our filing as though we are adopting from a Hague country where they use the I800.  Again, it isn't the end of the world; but this has been a tough pill to swallow these past few days.  Getting a "Request for Evidence" when you are expecting an "Approved" is like going to your favorite hamburger joint and you order your favorite mushroom swiss burger...but instead they bring you a salad.  With fat free dressing.  Yeah, it's edible, but it really sucks.

So how do we fix it?  Our social worker is going to contact the USCIS and clarify, strongly, that we are adopting from a non-Hague country.  But, to be safe, she is going to re-submit our home study answering all their questions.  Stay tuned.

Jae's Mom

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I obsess about small things these days.  Well, let me clarify, I obsess about small things that I can control.  I can't control when our I600 gets approved, but I can control what curtains, books, and toys are in Jae's room...or more to the point of this particular blog entry...what bookends he has on display.  This has become an ordeal.  I have searched high and low for cute, non-pastel, toddler friendly, bookends.  Target.  Walmart.  Barnes and Noble.  Pottery Barn Kids.  Stirling.  They don't exist. Trust me.  I bet I have searched all "bookend" vendors on the internet and spent, sadly, probably 3 hours doing so.

However, on Wednesday I finally settled on a red fire truck set I found online...
...only to get a phone call the next day saying that particular set is discontinued.  The search began again. 
Yesterday I spent more than I would have liked on two blue elephant bookends. 

Just now I received an email from the maker saying they no longer come in blue, only brown and tan.  Brown, I can live with.  :)

Wouldn't it be funny is Jae actually ends up hating them!  That would be just my luck... 

Jae's Mom

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I-600, Ernie, and a High Chair

We got mail from the US Government yesterday...but not what we wanted.  Our I-600 form is on hold because some items were missing from our home study.  After a quick panicked phone call to our dossier specialist, we learned the US Citizenship and Immigration Services apparently changed some of their requirements for the home study but didn't grandfather in the home studies that were already submitted.  Bummer.  But not the end of the world and our agency has seen quite a few of these in the last few weeks.  Our social worker will update our information Monday morning and hopefully we will be back on track next week.  And because we are still waiting for our travel notification from Korea, this little glitch doesn't really delay the process.  However, I can't tell you how frustrating it is to think you are getting a form that boldly states "Approved" and instead get pink pages with the heading "Request for evidence."  I am just so thankful to have my strong husband.

After our icky news, we decided to go out to dinner and clearance toy shop for Jae.  Funny how that is what cheers us up these days.   Nothing like a super cute Ernie doll at 1/2 price to make me feel better.

Better news of the week came in the form of a surprise delivery.  A high chair!  Thank you to my family members that were involved with it.  It is perfect and we love it.  Quick funny story about when it was delivered...the very nice UPS man was adamant that he carry it into the house or where ever I wanted it.  I offered to take it from him but he strongly insisted that I don't lift a finger.  Ten minutes later I figured out why....not too many 30 year old females getting high chairs that are not expecting.  :)  It was very cute of him. 

Jae's Mom

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Yesterday I went up to our adoption agency for a "Before I Came to Your Family" workshop.  I was there at 8:45 ready for the 9AM session...only to find out it was cancelled.  Bummer. 

I spent the rest of the day at wandering around the Southern suburbs buying stuff for Jae.  Summer clothes on clearance.  Curtains from Pottery Barn Kids.  Toys.  Books.  I love it.  I used to love going to the MOA and spending hours in the Macy's shoe department, yesterday I just quickly walked through it.  Everyone tells you how much kids change your life, and I believe it.  Jae got all the cute clothes from Macy's, I got two cardigans from Sam's Club.  Oh the irony.  PS - I saw Bob from the Biggest Looser at the MOA.  :)

I also looked at lockets for Jae's foster Mom.  It is customary to give gifts to the foster Mom, and since Jae is her first foster child, we really want to do something special.  Paul gave me a locket with Jae's pictures in it and it is one of my favorite things.  But I find myself being VERY picky when it comes to the one for Jae's foster mom.  She took care of our baby for the 1st year of his life.  I just can't find a locket that is...well...good enough.  I honestly thought I would just buy one from Kohls or some other department store.  But that isn't good enough.  And yesterday I found myself very worried about what her taste would be.  Gold?  Silver?  Heart shaped?  Oval?  Engravings?  Kind of silly, but I don't want to screw it up.

Jae's Mom

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Waiting sucks.

Waiting for Jae sucks. 

But, now that the holidays are over, it is a little easier.  And we are staying busy.  Yesterday we unpacked a ton of new toys and gave them a quick wash.  I assembled a little toy cubbie / book shelf for Mr. Jae.  His room is looking pretty cute and toddler friendly.

We also received an update on Jae this past week.  He had his 9 month checkup and is developing just as he should be.  Teeth are coming in.  Pulling himself up and walking along the furniture.  Still likes sweet potatoes and bananas.  All good things.  They did not take pictures at his last visit, but will at the end of the month.  So we are expecting new pictures early February.

Jae's Mom

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shopping for Jae

Jae's wardrobe tripled this afternoon.  We went to the Medford outlet malls and took advantage of the deals at all the children's outlets (notice all the little orange clearance tags in the below).  It was more fun than we imagined it would be!  Jae got socks, shoes, shirts, pants, PJs, hat, mittens, and even a snowsuit (to wear next winter). 

Jae's Mom

Saturday, January 1, 2011

This year

Paul and I were ready for midnight last night (even if I did fall asleep at 10:45pm); because the new year means it is the year Jae comes home.   It is a giant mental leap to be able to say, "Jae will come home this year," as opposed to "sometime early next year."  Doesn't sound like much, but to us, it is.

We are so lucky to have Jae as our son.

Jae's Mom