Sunday, January 30, 2011


I obsess about small things these days.  Well, let me clarify, I obsess about small things that I can control.  I can't control when our I600 gets approved, but I can control what curtains, books, and toys are in Jae's room...or more to the point of this particular blog entry...what bookends he has on display.  This has become an ordeal.  I have searched high and low for cute, non-pastel, toddler friendly, bookends.  Target.  Walmart.  Barnes and Noble.  Pottery Barn Kids.  Stirling.  They don't exist. Trust me.  I bet I have searched all "bookend" vendors on the internet and spent, sadly, probably 3 hours doing so.

However, on Wednesday I finally settled on a red fire truck set I found online...
...only to get a phone call the next day saying that particular set is discontinued.  The search began again. 
Yesterday I spent more than I would have liked on two blue elephant bookends. 

Just now I received an email from the maker saying they no longer come in blue, only brown and tan.  Brown, I can live with.  :)

Wouldn't it be funny is Jae actually ends up hating them!  That would be just my luck... 

Jae's Mom

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