Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Waiting sucks.

Waiting for Jae sucks. 

But, now that the holidays are over, it is a little easier.  And we are staying busy.  Yesterday we unpacked a ton of new toys and gave them a quick wash.  I assembled a little toy cubbie / book shelf for Mr. Jae.  His room is looking pretty cute and toddler friendly.

We also received an update on Jae this past week.  He had his 9 month checkup and is developing just as he should be.  Teeth are coming in.  Pulling himself up and walking along the furniture.  Still likes sweet potatoes and bananas.  All good things.  They did not take pictures at his last visit, but will at the end of the month.  So we are expecting new pictures early February.

Jae's Mom

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  1. How much time will you get to prepare for the actual trip?