Monday, January 31, 2011

I-600 not I-800

This morning our social worker called to clarify what actions need to take place to clear up the "Request for Evidence" form we received from the US Customs and Immigrations Services office.  Without confusing the heck out of everyone, there are two different group of countries that you can adopt from.  Hague countries and non-Hague countries.  Korea is a non-Hague country which means we file a I600.  The Customs and Immigrations office looked at our filing as though we are adopting from a Hague country where they use the I800.  Again, it isn't the end of the world; but this has been a tough pill to swallow these past few days.  Getting a "Request for Evidence" when you are expecting an "Approved" is like going to your favorite hamburger joint and you order your favorite mushroom swiss burger...but instead they bring you a salad.  With fat free dressing.  Yeah, it's edible, but it really sucks.

So how do we fix it?  Our social worker is going to contact the USCIS and clarify, strongly, that we are adopting from a non-Hague country.  But, to be safe, she is going to re-submit our home study answering all their questions.  Stay tuned.

Jae's Mom

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