Friday, January 24, 2014

EPs of 2014

Indirect exciting news today:  The first group EPs (Emigration Permissions...AKA Exit Visa) of 2014 were submitted for approval in Korea.  Last year the first batch wasn't submitted until May, so this is a huge improvement!

In layman's terms:  Violet is basically in line to get a government issued document to leave Korea and come to America.  Right now the kids that are in the front of the line are one that were referred and accepted to their family back in Dec 2012 and Jan 1013.  We accepted Violet's referral in August 2013 so we are a few months down the line.  But the fact the Korean Ministry started right back up in the new year with EPs is a great sign.  Hopefully the wait to travel really did peak at 17/18 month and is coming down. I sure hope so because the idea that we wouldn't travel until 2015 is inconceivable.

Jae and Violet's Mom

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  1. Hi! just curious if you've had any progress on your most recent adoption or if you are still waiting?