Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Begining of the End

Time to hop back on the blog!  Thing are rolling for the our little Miss Violet over in Korea so it is time to keep everyone informed of what is going on.

One week ago today Violet's paperwork was submitted to the Korean Foreign Ministry for the purpose of Emigration Permission (AKA - permission to leave the country).  This is a huge step and basically the bottleneck of the adoption process.  We were over the moon to get this news last week!  Big, huge, gigantic step forward!  Now we wait for the approval of her Emigration Permission (EP) which can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. There is a chance that we are on the lower end of that spectrum because it appears to be a small group that was submitted to the government.   Without going into a lot of details, you go into the government as a group and you leave as a group.  So once you know you made the cut, you want it (for purely selfish reasons) to be as small of a group as possible in hopes they can process things faster.  Time will tell.

Once we have EP approval we will be assigned a court date and will travel!  It really is the beginning of the end.  But unlike Jae's adoption, we will take 2 different trips due to some Korean law changes.  The first being the court appearance that I just mentioned, and then the next trip will be anywhere from 3-6 weeks later to go get Violet and bring her home.

I will try and post weekly and get some updated pictures up here.  And the times we actually do travel, I will try and post daily. 

Excited to finally become a family of four!!

Jae and Violet's Mom

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