Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A New Update!

Our social worker called with a nice surprise last night, she got a random update!  We can only request two updates while waiting for Jae, so any random ones are really nice.  And really rare.  Our social worker said we are one of the few couples she knows that has lucked out twice. 

Our update was Jae's 1 year doctor appointment report.  He is now 29" tall and just about 20 lbs.  He is walking a little, playing peek-a-boo, saying "umma" (Korean for Mama), and enjoying his porridge, fruit and rice.  My favorite part of the report was the doctor's note saying "Jae is doing well and is a friendly baby."  All good stuff.  Good job foster Mom keeping our little dude happy and healthy.

Jae's Mom

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