Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not What We Were Hoping For

A new batch of referrals moved to the Korean ministry today for passport and visa approval.  Jae's was not included.  It wasn't even close.  We were hopeful that they would move referrals made through mid September of 2010; but, they only moved through July 2010.  If they are going to only move one month's referrals at a time...we might travel in July.  We were hopeful for February, and then for March, and then we skipped ahead to May, and now we look to July.  I consider myself an optimist, but being an optimist works against you in the adoption process.  I just continuously hope for the best, and it just hasn't work out.  And be completely fair to our agency, from day 1 they told us travel notifications could take as long as 11 months from date of referral acceptance.  We knew this, but we choose to be hopeful, can you really blame us?

Jae is healthy and well cared for.  And we remind ourselves of this often, but that doesn't mean we don't just want him home.  Just when we start planning for his arrival, looking at Korean travel books, dusting his room, we get delayed. 

But once again I have to say thank you for all the well wishes.  I received a couple of really nice "Thinking of You Cards" in the mail this week.  And we are now the proud owners of a royal blue apron in Jae's size.  :)  Mom and Jae will have lots of fun making treats out of new his Sesame Street cookbook.

Jae's Mom

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