Thursday, March 31, 2011

Indirect Good News

We got some indirect good news this week.  The referrals that were awaiting processing at the Korean ministry were completed this past week.  In other words, several children were granted exit visas, issued passports, and their parents are only a few days away from traveling to get them.  To be clear, Jae's paperwork was not part of that batch.  But we think he might be part of the next batch.  They process paperwork in large groups and the batch that was just approved were referrals through mid June of last year.  We received Jae's referral mid September last year.  Assuming they send 3 months of referrals at once, Jae could be part of the next batch.  It will be close.  If he is part of the next batch (and we know soon) that means we are only 4 to 8 weeks away from traveling.  But if he is not part of this batch and he has to wait to be part of the following one, we are 8 to 12 weeks away. 

Jae's Mom

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  1. So exciting to see this movement happening. I am hoping Jae is part of the next batch and that the ministry processes it really fast!