Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday Cake

Paul and I were hoping to get away for a mini vacation yesterday through Tuesday, but work had other plans.  We will take Tuesday off to celebrate our son's first birthday, but unfortunately, Paul has and will work the other 3 days.

Yesterday I went to purchase a cake mix for Jae's birthday cake.  I cried.  I know no 1 year old knows what kind of cake they like, but it really bothered me that I had no idea.  I settled on rainbow chip as all kids like colored speckles in cake.  I even picked out a card for a 1 year old boy.  I think we will purchase a few more "1 year old" cards and then give them to him when he is older along with the journal we are keeping for him. 

Back to this cake...and how wonderful my husband is...I came home in tears and he quickly cheered me up by grabbing an old children's cake decorating book (one my mother gave me a few months ago, it is the one she used to make my sisters and mines cakes for how many years).  We haven't settled on any one cake.  The teddy bear cake was always a huge hit growing up.  But we also like the tiger cake as the tiger is national animal for South Korea.  And then of course, Paul likes all the boy ones...the boats, the race car, the space shuttle (which will always remind me of my cousin, Dan, and his birthday at the Grandma and Grandpa's house).  But that is when Paul really got into it.  I also have a cake decorating book from my sister.  He dog eared a few cakes in that book as well.  And I read that the traditional Korean first birthday cake is a type of rice cake with pink, green, brown and white layers.  Let's just say we have Jae's next 5 or 6 birthday's covered. 

Jae's Mom

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