Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The longest two months

This might be the two longest months of my life, and here is why:  Each day that passes without Jae's paperwork being sent to the Korean Ministry means we are still 2 months away from traveling.  According to our social worker, and confirmed by the International Holt Discussion Form, the time from when the proper paperwork is sent to the ministry to the time of travel notification is about 8 weeks (4 if you are really lucky).  Last week the families that received their adoption referrals in June had their paperwork submitted to the Ministry of Magic (I just now decided to call the Korean Ministry the Ministry of Magic due to my love for the Harry Potter series and because we could use a little magic right now).  We received Jae's referral in September.  Mid June referrals just received their 2 month notification.  You do the math. 

In other news, Jae's 1st birthday care package is one step closer to him.  Paul popped the care package in the mail yesterday and our social worker received it today.  Since the recordable story book was just slightly bigger than the one gallon ziplock bag, we used a heck of a lot of tape to shut the sucker.  :)  Our social worker was impressed with our creativity in getting the bag closed...

It is official.  We have purchased everything possible for Jae from our local Target.  The Bert and Ernie toothbrush makes it official. 

Jae's Mom

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