Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last Report!

I am 2 pictures away from completing our last adoption report!  I just completed our foster family letter and our progress report, so the only thing left is printing off a few pictures to send to the Korean agency and then...finalization!  This is the last of the 3 required reports and it feels so good to be pretty much done.  I am ready to be Mommy in the eyes of the law.  And then we can take care of the items like getting Jae a social security number, Minnesota issued birth certificate (which still seems weird since he was born in Korea), and make him an official US resident!  Yeah for Jae! 

A few funny things Jae has been doing and saying these days:

-Everything is the color "yellow."  Must be his favorite
-Talking about the kids in his class.  Josie, Layla, Kimberly and Aupa (Austin...we are still working on that one).
-Eating raspberries like they are candy
-Announcing that he just let out a "toot."  :)  Yep, he is all boy.
-Naming the characters on Sesame Street.  Ernie, Cookie, Abby, Elmo.  Yep, the gang is all here.
-Saying "Hello Daddy" whenever he sees a phone
-Jae was trying to mimic Daddy doing a push up.  Jae seems to think lifting his head up off the floor is the same as a push up.
-Attempting to say "Happy Birthday" to Mommy.  It comes out more "Happy bisgoishgday."

Jae's Mom

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