Sunday, February 19, 2012

Free to Set a Court Date

Yesterday we received notification from our agency that they submitted the final paperwork to our county courthouse.  Which means, we are cleared to set a court date for finalization!  There is a chance we could be finalizing Jae's adoption this week or next.  Talk about seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel!

While Jae was napping I read through some of my old blog posts.  Mostly, I read through the ones from right before we left for Korea and then the ones from our stay while there.  Great memories.  It was hard, and scary, and long, but well worth it.  It is almost silly how tough we were on ourselves those first few days of being parents. It was a learning curve for all of us.

Since it was so nice outside today, we decided to assemble Jae's little red car and head out to play.

Jae couldn't wait to get in, even though the wheels were not on yet.
Jae in his "Happy Day" hat.  Because he can't say "Valentine"
This is how I roll
Thanks for putting my car together, Daddy!
Get in, Mommy.  I'll give you a lift.
Jae's Mom

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