Thursday, February 2, 2012

Korean New Year

This past week was the Korean New Year and the Rochester Korean Social group threw a little celebration on Saturday.  Jae had a lot of fun playing with old and new friends.  Speaking of old friends, we ran into the Paul family at the celebration.  They are the cutest little family of 5 that was staying at Eastern for a birthland tour when we went to get Jae.  Great memories of that family and our time in Korea.  It was just to watch Jae once again buddy up with the oldest, Henry.

Playing with my new friend, Sam

Cam and I trying out a traditional Korean game

Mommy and Me

Cam looking like he was caught red handed.

Jae trying to give Cam a hug

My friend, Henry!

Henry and Jae...and Cam showing off his somersault skills.  :)

The Boys practicing the traditional bow

Happy New Year!

All the kiddos



How cute is this?

Saying bye to Henry

In other adoption news...we are almost there!  We are 24 hours away from submitting our legal forms to the Steele county courthouse for finalization.  Hopefully Steele county moves fast and we will be able to appear in court yet this month.  We are ready for Jae to officially be a Herzog.

Jae's Mom

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