Tuesday, November 11, 2014

74 Days of Waiting

We drew the short stick, hypothetically of course.  There are 4 judges in Korea that work with adoption cases, and one of the four is known to be ridiculously slow.  Crazy slow.  And as luck would have it, that judge picked up the Herzog file.  Boo. 

It is kind-of hard to explain, but with the adoption process you move as a group.  Files are prepped together.  Files go into the Ministry together.  Leave the Ministry together.  Submitted to Court together.  Together up until this point when you are assigned to different judges.  Families in our group that got "faster" judges have already received court dates.  Many have already appeared in court and received Preliminary approval.  Some are probably on the verge of final approval and  custody of their child.  We don't even have a court date yet. It is hard to watch so many families move forward with the process and we are at a standstill.

However, it does make it a little easier to get up every morning when the alarm goes off.  The first thing that pops in my head every morning at 4:45 is "Maybe today is the day."  Unfortunately my optimism usually fades pretty quickly around 10:00AM - -or has for the past 74 days.  Maybe day 75 will be our lucky one?

Jae and Violet's Mom

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