Thursday, January 15, 2015

Court Date!

Oh happy day!  Finally.

Tuesday morning (Jan 13) at 8:39 we received the long awaited phone call that we were finally assigned a court date.  I was the lucky one to take the phone call...right in the middle of a business meeting with my two bosses.  :)  Paul quickly made his way down to my department where a few tears were shed before we grabbed our belongings to rush over to a local travel agent to book plane tickets.  Although court isn't for another 3 weeks we still needed to rush for plane tickets to guarantee agency housing in Korea.  The first ones that provide their flight itinerary to the agency gets their name at the top of the list for housing.  And if you remember from our adoption of Jae, agency housing runs from $50 to $90 a night and has a kitchen and laundry area.  Area hotels easily run $200+.  We wanted housing for, obviously, the cost savings but also for the familiarity.  We know where it is, the nearest subway stop, grocery stores, and Pizza Hut (don't judge, comfort food is a necessity on this trip).  I think we had flights booked within 30 minutes of getting the call!  Paul and I must have been quite a  site running into the travel agent, professionally dressed and red eyed from crying tears of joy demanding tickets, but it all worked out.

So we leave Sunday Feb 8th at 9am, connect in Seattle and then on to Seoul.  Because we cross the international date line, we will arrive Feb 9th at 5pm.   Our schedule is pretty busy from there on out.  Tuesday we have a visa appointment AND MEET VIOLET FOR THE FIRST TIME!  Wednesday is our only true free day, Thursday is another meeting with Vi as well as lunch with the President of our Korea agency.  Friday we report for court at 9:30 for our 11:20 appointment and then fly home on Valentines Day.  We are also hoping to get together with Jae's foster family and do some site seeing and shopping while we are there.

To be clear, Violet will not be coming home with us on this trip.  We will have to wait 2 or 3 weeks after our court date to receive Final Approval.  At that time just Paul and I will fly back to forever take her in our arms!

And yes, Jae is excited.  Although when we told him we have a surprise he acted slightly disappointed and then asked if he could still get Police Legos.  :)

Now that things are rolling, I will post on a much more regular basis.  For now, back to my excessing list making and contributing to the constantly growing pile of things that need to come with us on the trip!

Jae and Violet's Mom


  1. Congratulations. We are scilent follower of your blogger. We are on the similar boat, got our referral Jiho in Aug, 2014, and EP summit on Oct 31, 2014. So far, we are waiting for the call as you did in the past months. We are looking forward on details of the trip. Its our first adoption, first baby.

    1. Congrats Ming! What Korean agency are you working with? Holt? Eastern? Or SWS?

  2. We are with Eastern. But have friends that have adopted through SWS and say great things about them.