Friday, February 18, 2011

Better Day

Today was the first day all week I felt like myself.  Yes, I am still checking my cell phone every 10 minutes to see if our social worker called, but it was different today.  Just a little more like myself. 

We did accomplish one adoption item today.  After dinner we went shopping and we found a necklace for Jae's foster mom.  We have looked around quite a bit and nothing seemed right.  Today we found a gold double hearted necklace at Kohls here in town (ironic since we have looked all over Minneapolis, Rochester and Duluth for something).  It just felt right.  Not to get all mushy on everyone, but something about the two hearts together meant something.  Jae's foster mom is part of our family, part of our hearts.  She (as well as Jae's birth mother) will always have a very special place in our hearts and I think the two hearts in some way represent how we feel about foster mom.

Jae's Mom

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