Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Rough Patch

I have officially hit a rough patch.  It has been 5 months since we first learned about Jae and he is still not home.  His room is ready, toys are washed, clothes are folded, the only thing missing is Jae Miles.  It sucks.

The good news of the week is that 8 families within the Korean program received travel notifications last week.  The bad news is they waited anywhere from 8 to 10 months to go get their child (minus the families that have referrals through the other Korean agency but that is a whole other story).  The thought of only being 1/2 way through the wait kills me.  But, I am not ready to give up hope based on the recent holiday jam.  As I have previously mentioned, the Korean New Year is celebrated the first week in February so I am hoping that not a lot of things get done between Christmas and the Korean New Year.  Much like the holiday season here in the US....Thanksgiving to Christmas.  A lot of people are taking off work, long weekends, etc.  Hopefully when I check the agency website next week, we will see just as many travel notifications but with shorter wait times.

We are still waiting for our I-600 to get approved.  Which, if our wait is going to be 8 months, the US Customs and Immigrations Services office has all the time in the world.  :(

Jae's Mom

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