Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Apple a Day

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Jae is good to go.  On Sunday we met up with our friends at at apple/grape/pumpkin orchard to let our boys play and taste test some Minnesota produce.  The boys were pretty shy at first, but warmed up once they got inside and in an environment they were more comfortable with.  The Moms just thought these city slicker Seoul kids were too good for this country outing we took them on.  Hail bails?  What?  Where are the sidewalks and tall buildings with all the bright lights?

Jae also decided that the fridge is a good spot to sit down and take a rest.  Where did we find this kid? :)

In more adoption news, we have out first post-placement home visit with our social worker in about 2 hours.  We will meet with her one month after placement (today) and at 3 months and 5 months.  And as with any other official adoption business, plenty of paperwork goes along with each visit.  We had forms to fill out regarding a US birth certificate, representing ourselves in court for finalization (as opposed to hiring an attorney), pictures for the foster family, birth mother and our Korean agency, etc, etc.  One of the most important pieces was a letter to the birth mother.  Sadly, I procrastinated until the last minute on that one because I wasn't sure exactly how to word what I felt.  It isn't the longest letter I have ever written, but probably one that I have put the most thought into.  Although only one letter is required, I plan on writing more in the future.  The last thing I want is for Jae's birth mother to go looking for updated pictures/letters and there to be none.  I will make sure the information is available if she so chooses to go looking for it.

Jae's Mom

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