Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Morning of Day Care

Today is a big day for our little guy, his first morning all by himself at daycare.  We have been spending a few hours at a time there, always keeping Mom close, but this morning he is on his own.  When I left he was just fine enjoying his French toast and applesauce.
However it isn't all steps forward.  Last night we had a hard step back...he started grieving for foster family at midnight.  There is no question in our minds.  We haven't heard cries like that since Korea.  He didn't want us to hold him and he thrashed around in the crib when we tried to put him down.  It was so sad.  Jae went back to sleep but also had a mini grieving session when he woke up this morning.  The cries are just so different and he absolutely throws his head back and pushes away.  It broke my heart.  Jae wasn't the only one with tears in his eyes when it was all over.  And I can't help but worry that the day care and grieving are possibly linked?  We will see how today and tonight goes. 

A few pictures from the last few days:

Throwing rocks in Lake Superior with Daddy

Trying out my day care backpack...except I forgot to bring it with this morning.

Wonderful fall afternoons

Jae LOVES ice cream

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