Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not All Fun and Games

The reason I have not blogged since Friday...regression.  Jae has regressed.  Which let me start out by saying this is very normal.  Things are going along swimmingly and then boom, something triggers a memory and the child regresses back a few steps.  We think Jae started to regress when we went up North for a weekend on Lake Superior.  The room we stayed in reminded him too much of our room in Korea and my belief is now he thinks we are going to leave him.  And who can blame him?  The one time he stayed in a hotel room his whole life was turned upside down.  Regression can occur in many different forms.  Kids that are walking may go back to crawling.  Or talking in their native language.  But for Jae, he regressed with his night time routine/habits.  Ever since our nights up North he has been waking up a ton and even having night terrors every few nights.  :(  Night terrors are like bad dreams they don't completely wake up from.  Jae pushes, kicks, screams and is inconsolable even though his eyes are open.  Two nights ago was the worst one and Paul and I tried every things to get him out of his "dream like" state.  Toys.  Lights.  Puppy.  Kitty.  Rubbing his back.  Talking softly. Cold washcloth.   But finally resorted to carrying him outside and let the cold wake him up. 

Jae has also been very clingy during the day.  He wants to be held almost constantly.  Even when it comes to playing on the floor with toys, he wants to be sitting on your lap or very close to it.  It is hard on all three of us.  One day at a time and we will get through it.  Hopefully sooner than the mean time, we are all pretty tired. 

And now for some cute pictures because talking about the sad stuff isn't fun.  We went to the local pumpkin patch with our very good friends who happen to be our next door neighbors.  As you can see, we didn't make it too far past the giant pile of leaves.  They were a huge hit with both the boys.

Jae's Mom

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  1. Night terrors, been there, done that. Yikes. 2 - 4 X/night for two solid years, age 2 - age 4, until we had her in a "nest" in our room at grandma's house and said, "Well, now when you wake up, you can look over there and see us and you don't have to cry." Of course, she was verbal then, and more mature than Jae, but, yes, we all suffered before that. :-(