Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Pictures

We are having so much fun with Jae these days.  In fact, I made the comment to Paul last night that I can't remember laughing this much.  Jae is just such a little ham.  :)

It was only a matter of time

Larry is such a good sport
Jae's Mom


  1. Hello, Jae's family !
    We are foster family in korea.
    Thank you for your letter and pictures.
    We're read your blog.
    He's so cute !!!
    He looks like healthy and happy.

    Good luck to your family.

    ♥Merry christmas and happy new year.♥

  2. Nice to meet you!
    I'm Jae's elder brother in Korean.
    I was surprised beacouse Jae is taller and nicer
    than before.
    We read your blog everyday.
    It's snowing here. We miss Jae.
    We all the time love and love Jae.
    And we always Thank for you.

    Good bye! Merry Christams and happy new year♥