Friday, December 23, 2011

Welcome Foster Family!

This post is for Jae's Korean foster family...

Jae is doing really good.  He is such a fun boy and is talking all the time.  We can't believe how fast he is learning English.  Everyday he learns a new word.  And he LOVES to play hide-and-seek!  Jae thinks it is so funny to go looking around the house for Mommy and Daddy.  He is also such a good eater.  And still eats a ton of the Kim (seaweed) we brought home from Korea.  It is like candy to him. :)

Thank you for taking such good care of Jae.  We know he misses you and we are so thankful to have a wonderful family such as yours now part of our family.  Paul and I often wonder how all of you are doing and if you have a new foster baby?

I will try and post pictures often.   And you should be getting a new set of pictures and letter from us soon as Paul wrote one 2 weeks ago.  We included our family's Christmas Card with it.  Please continue to leave notes here on my blog!!  I was so happy to see your note this morning that I cried!  My family and friends were also very excited to hear that you found the blog.   They heard all about you and the beautiful book you put together for Jae.  We are saving it until he is old enough not to rip the pages out.  The book is so special and we want to take care of it.

Playing cars with Daddy
My Christmas present from my neighbors
Merry Christmas Foster Family! 

Jae's Mom

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