Sunday, November 14, 2010

NYC and DC

Paul and I have been busy the last few weeks.  Last weekend we were in NYC for the marathon (Paul finished in 3:28).  We had a great time walking around NYC and shopping for Jae!  At the marathon expo we bought this little shirt:

And at the FAO Schwarz, this adorable Noah's Ark made its way home!  It took up 1/4 of my suitcase!  A thanks goes out to our 18 month old neighbor, Brennan, for giving the Ark a test run! 

After the marathon, Paul and I took the train down to DC for 3 days.  Paul had an actuarial conference where he received his actuarial diploma.  Very cool.  We spent time in the Natural History Museum, the Spy Museum, the Holocaust Museum (which was very not miss), the White House, and the American History Museum.  It was a great 3 days!  Wonderful weather and it was great to walk around DC on some of their "off-season" days.  We had museums practically to ourselves. 

Our time in DC confirmed the thought that we need to continue to travel once Jae arrives.  There is just so much learning to be done outside the classroom!  Our guide around the American History Museum had me hanging on every word!  He described the Civil War like it was the latest news out of People magazine!  :)  I immediately came home and picked up our copy of 1776.  But that is what I want Jae to experience.  I want him to understand life outside of Owatonna...Minnesota...and even the United States.

One last cute tie between Jae and our trip:  in the gift shop of the National Archives was the baby book Paul gave to me when we started this process.  "My Family My Journey.  A Memory Book."  It is basically a baby book for adoptive families.  But a very nice surprise to see it in a gift shop on the National Mall.

A few other pictures from our trip:

The Christmas Tree spot at Rockefeller Center:

The Noah's Ark is in the giant red bag:
 Paul at mile 17:
 Natural History museum:
 This pair would make my collection complete:

Jae's Mom

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