Thursday, December 2, 2010

Waiting Families Meeting

Tuesday night we had a meeting at our agency for all the waiting Korean families.  They talked about the Korean culture, bonding/attachment ideas, and even the recent events with North Korea.  The good news is all the babies and foster parents are safe.  At this time the bombing does not change our wait time to go get Jae.  But again, the sooner things calm down over there the better. 

Going back to the Korean culture piece, one of my favorite parts of the meeting was when the Korean specialist and one of the agency's social workers talked about how spoiled Korean babies are.  :)  They are used to having their every little cry attended to.  Basically, Jae only needs to whimper and his foster mom is giving him a bottle or cuddling him or playing with him or giving him cake (apparently one of the major food groups in Korea).  I love it.  Spoil the heck out of my kiddo.  And if Jae likes cake, he will fit in just fine in the Herzog house.  Another interesting tid bit is how Korean mother's sooth their babies - -by whapping them on the back.  No, not tapping them on the back.  But with a few good solid whaps.  I envision it to be much like burping a baby.  I think it is funny and oh so cute at the same time.

Jae's Mom

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