Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The First 45 Minutes

I get to work around 7:15AM and the 45 minutes leading up to 8AM are 45 very long minutes.  Our agency opens at 8AM and if any important information comes from Korea in the overnight, they pass that info on as soon as possible, AKA- 8AM.  But all this week 8AM has come and gone without anything too exciting.  Which is okay and expected.  Hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will get the travel call.
My new obsession is an online adoption discussion forum for Korean adoptive families.  I have to make myself stay off of it when I am at work.  Basically it is an website for parents like myself to post information about their adoption.  Where they are at with the process, ask questions, meet other adoptive families, etc, etc.  But the section I am most concerned with is the section where adoptive parents announce they received travel calls.  Not everyone posts the on the site so it is not all inclusive, but it gives Paul and myself a pretty good idea of how long others waiting for EP submission, EP approval and then travel call.  We are so close, I can feel it. 

Jae's Mom

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