Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scary 24 Hours

We had a scary 24 hours in the Herzog house.  It is a long complicated story, so I will try and keep it simple:

As many of you know, there is an online informal discussion forum for Korean adoptive parents.  Multiple Korean agencies and multiple US agencies are represented here, but again on an informal basis.  The actual agencies are not allowed to post items or comments, only parents are.  Well the discussion forum was very (unusually) quiet the last 2 days.  No travel calls.  No new referrals.  No new pictures.  It was weird.  Then, yesterday afternoon the discussion forum blew up with comments from parents who appeared to be all from the same Korean agency.  All of them were talking about some mass email and visa approvals being delayed.  We had no idea what they were talking about but it didn't sound good.  Delays?  Shutdowns?  Closed to 2012?  But the one of the rules of the discussion forum is you can't post any confidential information.  Meaning: No one could tell us exactly what this mass email said or who it effected.

After a long day of expecting a bad phone call from our temporary social worker, Paul and I are 90% confident that we are still on track with Jae's travel call.  The mass email is regarding a Korean agency that is different than the one Jae was referred through.  But man, it was a stressful afternoon!  I am not a fan of people that tear up at work, but I was scared, confused and nervous.  I has no idea if I wanted my phone to ring or not.  No calls.  Thank God.  Again, 90% sure these delays do no effect us.

To summarize my day, I send a text to a friend who Paul and I met though the adoption process and it ended with..."Sh** that was scary!"

Any day now.

Jae's Mom

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