Friday, June 24, 2011

Rumors Hurt

Our dramatic week came to an end this afternoon.  Our US agency officially released a statement saying the Korean Ministry will not shutdown prior to completing Jae's (and everyone else in his batch) paperwork.  Good news, no, great news. 

Rumors.  Rumors.  Rumors.  Now that our US agency has posted that they do not believe the Ministry will be shutting down, the discussion posts regarding this subject have been deleted from the site.  Which is very telling in my mind.  Now my only frustration is why someone would make such a strong, confident statement without having all the facts?!?!?  Rumors were hurtful back in 8th grade, and they are hurtful now at age 30.  That was a very stressful week for nothing.  Don't worry though, I flushed out all my stress with two tall beers at Big 10.  I will be just fine.  :)

Jae's Mom

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