Friday, November 4, 2011

2 Weeks Left

I am down to my final two weeks of maternity leave.  Ten weeks went so fast, yet slow at the same time.  I feels like ages ago that Paul and I were in Seoul waiting to meet Jae.  Making Korea seem like that much further away is all the progress Jae has made in the 2 months that he has been home.  He is saying probably 20 or so English words, spending more and more time at day care (had his first full day on Wednesday this week), eating better, sleeping better (remember we are comparing now to when we first brought him home) and in general, learning his boundaries.  Granted we have a toddler on our hands, so he pushes boundaries.  And often says "no" when we ask if he wants more food...but then proceeds to take 3 or 4 more bites.  But we are settling in and learning to be a family.  And yes, it is a learning process.  Going from no children to a kiddo that doesn't walk, but runs is like moving from Northern Minnesota to Southern Missouri in the month of June.  Quite a change in the weather (thank you US Forest Service for that move 15+ years ago).

But, just as we get settled in, another challenge awaits.  The first one is for me Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night as Paul will be in Chicago for an actuary conference.  I love my son, but I soooo look forward to when Paul comes home at 4 pm every day so I can take a break.  Good thing my parents live in town.  :)  And for the next two weeks Jae will be at day care all day on Tuesday and Thursday.  And then on the 21st I head back to the wonderful world of insurance.  Then it is Thanksgiving.  Life goes on.  Life, apparently, does not wait for you to stop and catch your breath; it just keeps on rolling.

Lastly, Jae caught his first American cold today.  Poor little dude is all stuffed up.  :(

Jae's Mom

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