Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Single Parent

God bless each and every single parent out there.  Jae has actually been very good the last few days while Paul has been in Chicago, but it is still tough.  Forget trying to squeeze in a run or two, I just try and make time to shower and use the restroom every now and again. 

But Jae and I survived 3 nights without Daddy.  Thank goodness Paul comes home this evening because his son has been saying "Daddy" every time he goes to play with his new car ramp.  I guess Mommy's "voom voom" noises are not nearly as good as the ones Daddy makes. 

Jae had his second full day of day care yesterday and it went well, minus the first 10 minutes.  Let's just say I heard him still screaming "Mama!" as I walked out the door.  By the time I made it to the car I was in tears as well.  But his teacher assured me that he actually had a great day after I left.  He played really well with the other kids and really enjoyed the group time singing songs and reading books.  And I believe her because he didn't exactly come running toward me at the end of the day.  He smiled when he saw me but then went straight back to playing.  What a stinker!  I was worried all day that he would be sad and crying, when to some degree, he didn't even notice Mom was gone. 

Each day we get closer and closer to finalization.  I can't remember if I blogged about it or not, but one Dec 16th we will have our second home study with our social worker...but it will be at our agency in St. Paul.  After our "home study" we are going to take part in a Pre-Adoption Class workshop that will be taking place.  Back when we first signed up with our agency, we attended a 2 day workshop to get more information about adoption and start narrowing down the type of adoption we wanted to pursue...domestic, foreign, open, closed, etc.  One evening of the workshop they had 2 recent forever families come in so we could ask questions.  Well, now it is our turn to answer the questions.  We were very flattered that our social worker asked us to be part of the panel.  It must mean things are looking good from her end, because otherwise I don't think they would want us there!  :)  It will be good.  I remember the families on our discussion panel quite well and hope we do 1/2 as good of job as they did.  And that Jae is on good behavior...yeah right!

Jae's Mom

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