Friday, March 6, 2015

Final Approval!

We received Final Approval this morning! It came 4 or 5 days before it was expected but perfectly timed given that we threw caution to the wind yesterday and booked plane tickets. Plane tickets have been slowly creeping up and we thought we better book tickets now before they went up much more.  Our Judge is pretty consistent with Final approval so although a gamble to book tickets, it was a small one.  Which obviously worked out! We will fly out on the 18th and take custody of Violet on the 23rd!  We will also have our visa appointment on the 23rd so here's hoping she is comfortable enough with us to sit through a visa appointment at the embassy.

Unlike our past two trips to Korea, we are staying at a hotel this time.  Our agency thinks it is better for the kids to not be in the agency after custody and....well, Paul and I are ready to stay in another area of Seoul. Just have a different view and experience some new restaurants.  We will stay at Fraser Suites Insadong  which is next to the palace as well as our favorite market (Insadong).  It is also close to the US Embassy which is nice.

Yippee! Can't believe it is done! Violet was first referred our way on March 12, 2013...2 years and 11 days later we will take her in our arms forever!  

We leave in 12 days but the new chain continues until we come home with Jae's little sister!

Jae's and Violet's Mom