Sunday, March 22, 2015

Olympic Park

Yesterday we took the subway south of the river to the Olympic Park and Olympic stadium area.  We stumbled right upon the two local Seoul teams baseball game...the Bears and get this, the LG Twins!  Logo and colors for the Twins look the same as the Minnesota Twins. Crazy.  As we were wondering around the stadium we found a shop that will add your name on the back of a jersey so we bought Jae a LG Twins jersey that now has Herzog on the back.  You can also pick any number for the jersey so we asked who was the star of the team and to put that player's number, which apparently is 33.  Perfect present since Jae's birthday is the Saturday we get home and he wants to play T ball this spring.

Otherwise we just wondered around the stadium and park.  Olympic park is full of statues from the countries represented that year.  There are over 200 of them scattered every where but the one we were hoping to find was the one from North Korea that represents world peace.  Oh the irony. But no luck.  What we did find is the wait to the concert of the century here in Seoul...We.  Some Korean boy band and the teenage girls waiting to get in were out in full force.  We were cracking up.  As we were headed to the subway to leave we found a impromptu dance circle were every girl was singing the songs. I guess I can't laugh too much having attended a New Kids On the Block concert a little over a year ago.  :)

The heartwarming story of the day is when we met the sweetest older lady on the subway going home from Olympic park.  She had to be in her 70s  or maybe early 80s and spoke great English.  Maybe the best of anyone we have met.  She asked me how long I was staying in Korea, gave me some travel trips but then bluntly asked who "he was?" while looking at Paul. When I told her he was my husband, her face just lit up.  Asked how long we have been married and a when I replied 9 years (which for the record is wrong, it will be 8 years in May) she just smiled at us.  She couldn't believe how long we had been married (I guess we look young).  She asked if he was a gentleman to which I replied "yes, he takes good care of me" and then she touched my arm and smiled.  She was so sweet.  After a brief pause she went right back into tour director mode telling us which palaces are not worth paying for.  "They all start to look the same, go to the free ones, don't pay for them."  :)

Today is Violet's Gotcha day.  In 8 hours we will be a family of 4.  We are mostly nervous about the visa interview at the embassy and hoping our little snag is not as big of deal as it sounds.  But we are prepared to be there for a while if needed.  Tons of snacks and toys are packed and we will just do our best to keep her happy.

Jae and Violet's Mom

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