Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Light

We are starting to see the light around here.  Paul is finally better and Violet slept pretty good last night.  She would wake up and make sure Paul was in the room, but then put herself back down and went to sleep.  And the last two days she has woken up happy, which is a great sign.

Backing up a few days...the plane ride home was long.  It gave Violet too much time to think and she started to morn for foster family.  She was so sad and just wanted to be in my lap.  It was heartbreaking.  And apparently she wasn't feeling great because she threw up once we landed in Detroit.  She managed to throw up on all three of us so we headed to a family restroom and did our best to get cleaned up.  Because it wasn't enough dirtiness after being on a plane for 12 hours...Violet wanted to really make sure we felt absolutely disgusting.

We had a nice group to greet us at the airport, thanks everyone.  But sleepy Violet only perked up when she saw Jae.  She was pretty excited to see big brother.  And I think Jae was just as excited to see her.

Violet was also very excited to meet Larry (our golden doodle).  At one point she laid down on her tummy, and just watched Larry and giggled. And her love of Larry hasn't diminished over the last 4 days.  She just giggles every time she him.

Days have been pretty good.  Enough new toys and a big brother to keep her distracted.  It is nights where we are struggling.  Especially me since Paul was way too sick to sleep in her room the first 3 nights.  Last night was my first night in my own bed in a week and a half and man it was so nice.  And lucky for Paul, Violet had her best night yet last night.  Waking just a few time to make sure someone was in the room and then cry a bit before going back to sleep.  Not ideal, but much better.  The night before she woke and cried and screamed for 30 minutes before going back down.

But, it might be a little early to declare, but the Big Brother of the year award goes to Jae in my book.  Helping with bath, sharing his toys, understanding that Violet doesn't understand to share back, and just being a very good boy overall.  Speaking of big bro, guess who is 5 years old today!  Dad and him are assembling a new Lego set while Violet naps.  So proud of him the last few days.  He seriously is doing great.

Otherwise just trying to get into a routine.

Happy Birthday Jae Miles Herzog!

Jae and Violet's Mom