Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jae's care package

Completed Jae's care package today.  It sure doesn't take long to fill up one zip lock bag!

Nothing too new today.  Yesterday we ordered the crib and dresser for the nursery.  But more importantly, we made the big decision to go with the Farm Animals room as opposed to a Curious George room!  

One other cute item from yesterday is a very helpful Dad at Target.  We were looking at strollers when he stopped by (with one of his daughter in tow) and asked if we needed any help.  He showed us how to work the infant seat (which we won't need), told us which ones they have tried, and then made one of the nicest comments yet...he looked at my stomach and said, "Well, you have plenty of time to decide!"  Bless him. 

Jae's Mom


  1. Perfect care package! Eli was born Feb close to little Jae. He would love the teddy bear and has a similar colorful toy like yours. Big hit!!! Let me know anything I can help you with in the world of little boys!

    Holly Peterson

  2. congrats angela!! i'm so happy for you guys and so happy for little jae(he is going to have so much love and you are going to be such an awesome mommy!!)

    love, squirt :)

    ps i love this blog...keep the posts comin because i'm sad when i check it and there's not a new update!

  3. Oh Squirt! You haven't changed at all...and that is a good thing!

    Thanks. Love you too.

  4. Oh! I just caught up on a few of the blogs and this one made Ethan and I laugh out loud! Too funny!

    love you guys~

  5. Best stroller purchase is a combi 3 fold stroller. You'll thank me for the trunk space later. :)