Sunday, September 26, 2010

Turning our house upside down

Jae is already causing the Herzog house to turn upside down!!
1) Cleaned out the garage
2) Moved the Foosball table from the game room to the garage
3) Moved the desk and computer from the office to the old game room (which required dismantling the desk)
4) Re-painted the old office
5) And moved the upstairs guest room furniture to the old office.
6) Which leaves the upstairs guest room available to become the nursery.

It goes without saying that I passed out on the couch last night around 9pm while watching the Twins game.

In other, more Jae specific news, we got our "travel information packet" from our adoption agency.  No, this is not our travel notice, just info so that we are more prepared when the call comes.  The packet includes info on: vaccinations to get prior to travel (NOOOOOO!  I hate shots!!  Jae is worth it.  Jae is worth it), things to bring with, what items our agency will provide, accommodations, transportation, etc.

Something I found really interesting is the fact that we are expected to be in professional dress anytime we are taking part in official agency business.  Which means Paul will be in a suit and tie and I will be wearing a dress (or formal pants suit) when we first meet Jae.  I can't say this would be my first choice in attire, but out of great respect for the agency and South Korea in general, I will be happy to oblige.  The bigger question is:  Do I even bother wearing eye make-up that day?  :)

Jae's Mom



  1. no eye make-up! you'll probably cry it all off.
    Ran this morning with a man that adopted a girl from China. Thought about you & Paul!!

  2. I had no idea you were traveling to get him. Hey, make sure you go eat in a Korean Restaurant before you go so that you get some idea of the food. There are two good ones on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul. I'm trying to get a cook book to send to you, one that I like. I hope you don't mind getting a used one, as that is the only way it is available. Thinking of you in this journey. We loved visiting Korea, but we didn't go there until 2000.

  3. I say get your eye lashes tinted (dyed) before you go. That way they won't run down your face. lol I would not go as far as tatoo eye liner.

    This is just another step closer. I say match Paul's tie to Jae's room.

  4. are you going to post pictures????...i want to see your nursery!(and i'm also in love with your home on the i want to see pictures on the inside:)!...i love to see how others decorate their nurseries....this is billy by the way:)