Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Korea?

One of the things Paul and I are commonly asked is: Why did you decide on Korea?

Although we kept an open mind, I think Paul and I were set on adopting from South Korea pretty early on.  Mostly because we knew a few families that have adopted from there.  But there were other things that swayed our decision - No orphanages-Jae is staying with a foster mom being spoiled to bits.  The smooth process-South Korea has been open to American adoption for quite some time.  It is really a tried and true process.  We knew from day one what to expect and roughly when things would happen.  Optional travel-South Korea does not require travel to the country.  Granted, it is something that is strongly encouraged but not required.  In comparison, Russia requires 2 trips.  One to meet your child and then a second trip a month or so later to bring your kiddo home.  Two trips to Russia would get expensive quick. 

But the final decision came when we attended PAC (pre-adoption class).  One of the social workers that lead one of the sessions said, "If nothing else, pick a country that you are interested in."  She went on to say from this point forward you are a American/Korean family or a American/Ethiopian family, or an American/Chinese family.  Embrace it.  And that made complete sense to us.  Which is why we are choosing to travel to Korea.  We want to learn and see as much as possible.  We want to decorate the nursery and house in Korean art.  We want to eat as much kimchee as possible.  We want to buy traditional Korean attire.

Jae's Mom

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  1. yum, kimchee. Its not much appreciated in my area--filled with people of Norwegian heritage who like things made with butter, sugar and flour.