Tuesday, May 10, 2011


No phone call today, but that was not a surprise as we think our Korean agency was closed in celebration of Buddha's birthday.

Last night we started making lists of gifts to bring to Korea with us.  We already have the necklace and jewelry box for Foster Mom but needed to get some other gifts for people that have assisted us with the adoption.  Bath and Body Works gift sets, gourmet cookies and possibly some trail mix for our Korean agency workers.  Towels for Foster Mom's family.  A simple thank you card and cash for our driver.  It is hard to come up with gifts for people you have never met.  Paul's right, we are never going to find items that have the person touch we are hopeful for.

Not too much else.  Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Wait for a phone call.  Wait for the agency weekly update.  Wait for the storm warnings to pass so they can get back to showing Glee. 

Jae's Mom

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