Friday, May 6, 2011

No Update

Normally, every Monday afternoon, our agency posts a general update of activity from the prior week.  All week long we were waiting for the post, and finally we just assumed they forgot.  It turns out our Korean specialist took a quick 4 day trip to Korea for some meetings and was unavailable to post the previous weeks' information.  And side note - - a quick 4 day trip to Korea??!?  Any time you have to make an 18 hour flight one way a short trip it does not make.

The agency never posted the stuff they usually do, like number of referrals, number of travel calls, average wait time, etc.  It was more long-term Korean adoption updates that our specialist learned of during her meetings.  Not exactly surprising, but there will be a reduction in referrals for 2011 when compared to 2010.  This doesn't affect our current adoption, but may effect ones in the future.  Also the wait time to travel for anyone that received their referral December 2010 or later may now have up to a 14 month wait vs. our up to11 month wait.  Bummer.  My heart goes out to all those families that accepted a referral in December.  It sounds like they will not travel until 2012 based on the new referral/visa quota.

So no, my phone did not ring this week.  Paul was right (there is a first time for everything).  Hopefully our social worker will call next week with the news that Jae's paperwork made its way over to the Korean Ministry.

Jae's Mom

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