Friday, May 20, 2011

San Diego

Having fun in San Diego!  So far we have made stops at the USS Midway, San Diego Zoo (which was awesome by the way), Gaslamp Quarter, Petco Park, Broken Yoke (thanks Brad, great recommendation!) etc.  Today we are going to take the ferry over to Coronado island and do some shopping and Sailor watching.  Well, I will be sailor watching, Paul will say "oh boy" and then shake his head and laugh. 

We are talking about Jae a lot these past few days.  We still can't believe he will be home soon.  It is fun to be closer to him both logistically and in a sense of time.  On our first day here, Paul and I were looking out towards Coronado Island and I said "Jae is just on the other side of that island."  Which isn't exactly true, but nice to think of it that way.  And then we are closer to him with every day that passes.  Since we got our wonderful news on Tuesday, two whole days have passed.  I am loving San Diego, but I also love that our time here is going fast.  Jae gets closer and closer.

Jae's Mom

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