Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 Days

This might just be the longest week of my life.  The minutes just tick by. So ready.

But we really are ready. Our to do list is pretty short and only has last minute items on it. Packing being the most important. Our poor, poor guest room. It has only gotten worse.

I am excited to seriously start posting come Saturday as we make our last minute preparations and then throughout our trip. That is when the real blogging fun begins!

5 days and 5 paper chains left.

Jae and Violet's Mom

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  1. I just found your blog and it is wonderful! Congratulations on the court date! Our papers were submitted to the court on 9/27/14 and we also have the slower judge so we are still waiting to hear on a court date (132 days and counting...)! Can't wait to hear how your trip goes. Even though this judge is slow to set a court hearing date, I have heard wonderful things about him and that he is so warm, pleasant, and a great advocate for overseas adoption! Having a hard time waiting for the call though but hopefully will hear soon to pick up our little boy (first child)! Good luck on your trip!