Monday, February 9, 2015

Nose Bleeds

If there was any question before, we confirmed Jae is in the right family yesterday (and right now) as he is experiencing his first nose bleeds on this trip. For those of you that know Paul and I of us always seems to have one. The problem of running outside in the cold dry air. Paul had one on the flight over and now it is Jae's turn. 4:30 this morning. Washing the sheets from his bed and his jammies as I type.

The flights over were good. Long but good. Jae slept for 5 hours and Paul and I for a big total of 0. Couldn't sleep for so many reasons. So we watched movies, Gone Girl (Holly Ann- why did you not warn me? During the murder scene "Paul, shut it off! Shut it off!" Woozy at 34,000 feet), Fury and a few episodes of Friends. Good meals of BiBimBop and pasta. Lots of games, coloring, reading, etc.

A small heart attack going through Customs here in Korea. Our family was plucked from the back of the line and escorted to another empty line. Turns out they were just giving a little favoritism to our son, but my heart will never be the same. Instant panic attack when we were singled out.

So taxied it to the agency where we crashed until Jae woke with his mini nose emergency.  :)

We meet Violet in 4 hours! I will post later today with pics if I am able.

Last news is we are seeing Jae's foster family tomorrow. Foster mom has a scheduled visit to the agency anyways so it works perfectly. They are so cute...they were hoping to surprise us at the airport but something came up. Too sweet. It is the thought that counts.

Big, huge, crazy exciting  day ahead.

Jae and Violet's Mom 


  1. Oh no!! Charles got a nosebleed on the airplane and Andrew when we finally made it to the guesthouse!! Interesting piece of information... our friend told us that in Korea they think people get nosebleed because they're tired.