Thursday, February 12, 2015

My turn for the 3 am wake up.

Today it is my day to be up at some ungodly hour unable to sleep. What better quiet activity then to blog...especially since I am using my tablet and not pounding away on a keyboard. But I kind of like not fully being on Korean time, it will (hopefully) make the transition back to Central time a little easier.

So one thing that feels very weird on the trip: Paul and I are the parenting/adoption experts. Every other adoptive couple here are first time parents. Calley Paul if you are reading this, I feel like I have stepped into your shoes. Staying in room 410 and giving out parenting advice.  Scary that Paul and I are the experts, and I use the term "experts" loosely.

Yesterday afternoon we met Jae's foster mom and foster sister. They are just wonderful. Seriously there are no words for how sweet and loving they are. Immediate tears from foster mom when she saw Jae. And you should see the gifts they gave us...fruit, tomatoes, muffins, chocolates, Kim (very good/high end Kim..and a lot of it), toys for Jae, and they even had Jae's hospital  bracelet from when he was a baby.  Remember when when I said we would have plenty of room in our suitcases on the way home because of all the gifts we were bringing to Korea? Jae's foster family took care of that.  :)  We met them in a cafe and Paul bought Jae a jar of apple juice, and then foster sister turned around and bought 3 more for us to take with us. So sweet. They even face timed in foster dad who was unable to be at the meeting.  And they told us they figured out who Violets foster mom was and called her to talk about us. We took pictures with them on our good camera which will have to wait until we are home to post. Which is the same as other pictures of Violet. All on the regular camera as opposed to my tablet.

Today we head to court. Our last official business while here. It shouldn't take long, but a very important part of our trip and the real reason we are here. Hoping for a smooth appearance today and followed by a quick final approval.  The sooner final approval comes the sooner we can fly back here to bring Violet home.

Can't believe our week is almost over. Man, that went fast.

Jae and Violet's Mom

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  1. Scary to think I was considered an expert! So glad that you're week is going so well. Have a safe trip home!!