Monday, October 18, 2010

Korean, English...and French?!?

I spent the entire day talking insurance to clients and prospects...and then kissing my new locket when no one was looking.  I love knowing Jae is in there.  It is unbelievably comforting to have him with me at all times.

I also did something that could very well confuse my son.  After I got done for the day, I wandered into a discount book store and automatically made my way to the children's section.  It was there that I picked up and purchased something I probably shouldn't use: A board book.  In French.  I was all proud of myself until I called Paul and he laughed and said (I'm paraphrasing here):  "Ummm, Honey?!?  Don't you think it is going to be hard enough for Jae to go from hearing exclusivley Korean to exclusivley English?  I don't think throwing a 3rd language into the mix is a good idea."  :)  I don't know what I was thinking!  I speak a little French and I guess I just had a "pregancy moment" where I thought my child should learn basic French as well.  Poor Jae.  He was no idea what he is getting himself into.

Jae's Mom


  1. ha! Well, if he's going to be a world traveler like his mom and dad, there is no harm in starting early! :-)

  2. Hey Angela! Just wanted you to know that I'm reading your posts and loving them. :) Jae is so blessed!

  3. We received the announcement yesterday, and are honored to be among the first to learn Jae's middle name. He's hanging on our fridge, too. :)

    Love, Lou & Lisa