Friday, October 8, 2010

Running strollers

Now that the crib and dresser are set to be delivered next Saturday, our next most important purchase is a jogging stroller.  And let's be honest, this can't be any old running stroller.  It needs to be a good one.  Thank goodness for Katie and Straight River Sports - because she told us which one we will be purchasing.  All we have to decide is the color scheme.

So in the first round of the 2010 jogging stroller draft...the Herzogs select The Bob Revolution in chocolate and blue! 

Get ready, Jae.  This soon-to-be-purchased stroller is going to feel like a second home.  And no pressure, Jae, but Mom is hoping that pushing your stroller on training runs will help knock her into the sub 4 hour marathon time.

Jae's Mom 

PS - We miss you Grandpa O. 

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