Thursday, October 14, 2010

The people that don't know

Paul and I had dinner at the country club last night and got to talking about all the people that don't know we are adopting.  Like, one of the regular waitresses at the country club.  We are on a first name basis with her, but she has no idea we are adopting.  How fun is it going to be to just one day walk in with Jae!  :)  I just can't wait to show him off to everyone.  I picked up our "adoption announcements" this morning, and I have never been so excited to lick 100+ envelopes!  Jae is our world and he isn't even here yet.  We talk about to him to each other, to our family, to our friends, to our pets and basically anyone else that will listen.  My poor dry cleaning lady knows more about Jae that she probably cares to.  This past weekend, I caught myself saying, "Okay, one more thing about Jae/adoption and then I promise I will stop" at least 3 times.

Jae is so loved. 

Jae's Mom

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