Saturday, October 16, 2010


First we waited for our 3 year wedding anniversary (Korea requires couples to be married for 3 years before they are put on the adoption wait list).  Then we waited for a referral.  Now we are waiting for a crib and dresser!  The delivery man said he would be here between 3 and 7 pm today.
Last night was my first baby shower!  Thanks so much to Anne Hemann and Leah Fritz for hosting such a great shower.  And of course, thanks to all my girlfriends for all the wonderful gifts.  Paul and I just spent the last 30 minutes sitting on the floor in Jae's room reading books and playing with toys.  Between the "Counting" book (thanks Aunt Holly) and "Counting Puppy" (thanks Tammy) I think Paul was finally able to count to ten without using his fingers!  Good job, Paul! 

A picture of Jae's stuff:

Our favorite onsies (thanks Lisa)

Whoa - the delivery truck just pulled up!  Got to go...

Jae's Mom

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