Thursday, September 22, 2011

Battle of the Bottle

Every parenting article I read says take away the bottle by month 15 at the latest...and now I understand why.  Paul and I feel that Jae is attached to us enough that we can start to move away from having milk in a bottle (Korean adoptees are often left on the bottle to help them attach to their parents...looking us in the face while feeding, rocking while feeding, nourishment comes from parents, etc) and towards sippy cups.  Jae disagrees.  Milk comes from a bottle.  Water can come from sippy cups.  Juice can sometimes come from a cup and straw, but milk?  No, milk comes from a bottle!  End of story. 

We had a little (okay large) meltdown this morning because Jae was asking for "Mammu" (Korean for milk/formula) and I would not give it to him in a bottle.  Offered a sippy cup-no.  Then a regular drinking glass-no.  Then a cup with a straw-no. Chocolate milk in any of the three devices-no. He would not touch any of them.  So after his meltdown subsided, we made our way to Target to buy whatever drinking device we could find.  Two plastic monkey cups, water bottle type straw thing with Buzz Lightyear on it, and a "my first sippy cup" (and $12) later we made a small step forward with a small plastic monkey cup to which I added some chocolate milk.  25% of the chocolate milk made its way down the front of his shirt because he wanted to do it himself, but some went in and that is what counts. 

So it has been a rough day.  And it will be again when he wakes up from his nap because I know he is going to want the bottle.  And no, we are not cutting him off cold turkey, he had some milk from the bottle when he first woke up this morning.  I hate being mean mommy.  It kills me.  But I also know that we need to make sure we are at least drinking all liquids from a sippy cup (if not a normal plastic cup) but the time he heads to day care so we need to make the move at some point.

On a lighter note, foster family sent us home with a USB full of Jae's baby pictures.  Jae was clearly very loved by the entire family as we have so many pictures of him playing and smiling.  I have added a few below:

PS - The picture of Jae in the top right corner of my blog, where he is wearing the green stripped shirt...that was taken in the lobby of Eastern  That is the exact place we met him for the very first time.  Paul and I were sitting on the couch behind him when Jae and foster mom first walked through the door.  Fun little tidbit.

Jae's mean mommy that makes him drink milk out of something other than a bottle

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