Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Caught in the Rain

I thought I was the world's worst Mommy this morning around 9:45am when Jae and I were 1.5 miles into our run and the cold heavy mist started and I kept pushing forward.  Selfishly I wanted to get at least 4 miles in so into the cold mist for at least another 1/2 mile we went.  Right at our 2 mile turnaround spot I checked on Jae to make sure he was okay and he had a little mist on his face, but otherwise was warm, dry, and smiling (thanks to a rain jacket, a couple of blankets and the stroller cover) so I decided to try and turn our 4 mile run into 5.  Right when I got to the 5 mile turnaround spot, I once again checked on Jae...who was out cold.  Warm, dry and snoozing like no tomorrow.  So, what started out as "What kind of mother takes her kid for a run on a day like today!" turned into "My nice mommy ran 3 extra miles so I could continue to nap."  Yep, I ran 8 miles in the cold mist (and wind I should add) so Jae could continue to snooze.  :)  Not that I mind the mileage.  I needed a little bit longer of a run to counter act the previous night's meal at Perkins and to get ready for my race come mid October.

Jae also slept through the night for the first time!  As noted in his baby book, the first time Jae Miles Herzog slept through the night for his parents was Sept 19, 2011.  Granted he hasn't slept though the night since, but our nights have been sooooo much better.  If he wakes up, it is only once or twice and he goes back down really easily.  No more 45 minutes of rocking at 2:30 in the morning.  Which means Paul and I can get back to our normal late night bedtime of 9:30pm.  Yes, we are such night owls.

Jae's Mom

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